The Effects Of Climate Change On Society And The Environment

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The effects of climate crises are felt all over the globe, leaving harsh impacts on society and the environment. From typhoons to hurricanes to rising sea levels to rising atmospheric temperatures, cities around the world cannot escape the effects of climate change, but they are able to combat it. They are able to help the earth instead of continuing to harm it, and the way to do this is through implementing climate change programs. Even if one city chooses not to carry out such a program, it does not mean another city should not, and many cities around the globe have already taken the steps to carry out long-term programs with lasting effects. Cities that have implemented climate-change programs with lasting effects include Copenhagen, Mexico City, and San Francisco, and they serve as prime examples for the world when it comes to combatting climate crises. The city of Copenhagen, Denmark implemented an ambitious plan to become the first carbon neutral city by 2025, and won the 2013 C40 & Siemens Climate Leadership Awards in Carbon Measurement & Planning category because of it. Copenhagen has also been awarded previously for its environmental efforts, including being named 2014 National Earth Hour Capital and 2014 European Green Capital. With a remarkable record of pushing forward for climate-change mitigation since the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference hosted in the city, Copenhagen has already seen a 40% reduction in carbon emissions (Stuckey 1). Copenhagen’s goal of

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