The Effects Of Climate Change On The Population Of Sea Turtles

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Loggerhead Sea Turtles: Effects of climate change on the population of sea turtles.
The effects of climate change and global warming have severe effects on loggerhead sea turtles and various other marine mammals. The rate of climate change goes far beyond the abilities of animals to adapt to these drastic changes taking place around them in their habitats. These changes are predicted to cause an extinction of many species over the next few decades. (SEE Turtles, 2015) The sea level rises from melting glaciers, and ice caps are already resulting in the loss of nesting grounds of these loggerhead turtles. Extreme weather that is also linked to climate change result in a chance for more severe storms which alter nesting beaches as well. Hotter sand caused by increasing global temperatures resulting in lower hatching rates or complete nest failure. These temperatures also alter natural sex ratios, since hotter temperatures produce more female offspring. (SEE Turtles, 2015) Sea turtles use ocean currents as a way to get to their source of food. Increasing ocean temperature also affect migratory patterns impacting the distribution and abundance of their prey. Warmer temperatures are also affecting coral reefs as they suffer from coral bleaching with corral being vital to the survival of species like the hawksbill. (SEE Turtles, 2015) All these factors play a disruptive role in influencing the state of extinction of these loggerhead turtles.…
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