The Effects Of Climate Change On The Earth's Environment

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Simran Mann Biology 3000 Negative Position Paper #2 Climate Change Climate can be defined as the mean of temperature, wind patterns, quantity of water vapor in the air, which is humidity and rainfall that has continued from the past up until the present. The cause of climate change was expected to be through natural phenomena’s, for example volcanic eruptions and solar activity. However, the change in climate is not due to the natural effects but solely through human activities. From generation to generation the human race has immeasurably impacted the earth’s environment through farming of land and animals, building cities, and establishing factories and power plants. Each factor has contributed to the negative impact of the earth’s environment in many different ways. The temperature is beginning to increase; glaciers and polar ice caps are melting, carbon dioxide levels are rising, causing the ozone layer to deplete. As of today, one of the biggest problems not only for human beings but also for this planet is known to be climate change. When greenhouse gases are increased, it causes the increase in sea levels and an increase in global temperatures. As a result, serious weather patterns are advancing. All of these changes will destroy houses, land, and foundation. Therefore, climate change is another significant environmental, social, and economic threat facing this planet. Observations over the past years to recent years display that the warming of the climate is
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