The Effects Of Climate Change On The Planet

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In my opinion, it is evident by now that the climate is changing. There will always be disputants for everything, but the only questions are what will be the overall effects on the planet, how these effects will impact the ability of man and all life on the planet to survive, and the speed at which these changes will occur. It can also be challenged as to how much of the change is naturally occurring and how much of the change is caused by the activity of man. It is difficult to achieve action on any problem that is perceived as an issue in the future because our political systems are set-up to put off confronting difficult issues. Politicians want to be re-elected and making minor changes now to avoid major consequences later is not a …show more content…

As can be seen from the Kyoto Protocol where the developed nations were required to shoulder the brunt of the reductions in carbon emissions, this question of harm can lead to a charge of unfairness. Why should we make most of the sacrifices when all will receive the benefits of the sacrifices? Developing nations argued that since the developed nations had contributed much more to the greenhouse gas emissions as they were developing then they should be required to bear the majority of the reductions in emissions. This issue of harm and fairness led to the rejection of the Kyoto Protocol Treaty in the United States. Putting a tax on the use of carbon would unleash market forces to move the global economy toward cleaner forms of energy. This would be a more equitable form of enticement and would be easier for the nations to ratify. It would also put the price of carbon intensive fuels more in line with their true cost. This true cost is not reflected in the price of the product whether it is the price of gasoline or the price of electricity generated by fossil fuels. These deleterious effects on the environment are mostly being pushed onto future generations to bear (Clowney & Mosto, 8; Henning, 84-91). The main argument against taking significant action on climate change has been that reducing greenhouse gas pollution would do great harm to the economy. Opponents have played economic prosperity against environmental protection.

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