The Effects Of Climate Change On The Earth

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Climate change can be a very controversial topic because many people are skeptical about whether or not it is caused by humans, or if it even exists. Regardless of whether people believe in climate change or not, there is an immense amount of evidence to support that the earth’s core temperature is slowly rising, and humans are directly causing it. Everything humans do impacts the earth in some way. Many of the resources needed for everyday life are retrieved in ways that are harming the planet. For example, burning coal for energy releases immense amounts of chemical pollutants into the air. Humans greatest contribution to pollution and the largest cause to climate change, is the burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil. The process releases large amounts of Carbon Dioxide into the air, trapping in the heat and causing “the greenhouse” effect. Vitousek stated, that the burning of fossil fuels “has increased carbon dioxide concentrations from -280 to 355 uIL/L since 1800” (2). Scientist have been able to piece together records of the earth’s climate dating back several thousands of years, up until the Industrial Revolution all the gradual changes in the earth climate could be explained due to natural phenomenon. Only the recent climate changes from the last few hundred years cannot be explained by natural causes alone. This is such a prominent issue because so much of the things we depend on in our society come from the burning of these greenhouse gasses. Most of our
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