The Effects Of Climate Change On The Planet

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In a world filled with seven billion people minding their own business, very few will take a second and look at the world around them and how it has been ravaged, even damaged beyond repair since our first evolutionary ancestors took their first few steps in this planet from being mere apes. Whole ecosystems, which used to flourish, are now nonexistent. Entire species of plants and animals, who used to dot the various landscapes of the world, are now nearly extinct if not already extinct. Greenhouse gases emitted from human activity has also resulted in a higher likelihood of extreme weather anomalies to occur due to the side effects of climate change on the planet (Buhaug, 2016). If drastic measures are not taken in due time,
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There are many theories about the climate change, but the effect of carbon dioxide gas on the environment has given rise to the global warming effect theory which became popular and convinced many scientists during the time. The increasing usage of coals and methane gas has become the root cause of all the problem. Climate change can be describe as the change in temperature due to human activities. In the process of harnessing the coals’ energy, it releases carbon dioxide, which decreases the oxygen level in the atmosphere and ocean. As the temperature rises due to this, there is a growth of weather anomalies, like that of natural disasters, that have occurred in the past (Jankovic and Schultz 2017). The coastal areas around the world are losing ground to the sea. In the past century, the sea level has risen an average of three inches (Reese 2016). Climate change is not a hoax and humans need to take serious measures to ensure the future of this green plant.
Climate Change Effects in Today’s World
In recent years, the negative effects of climate change has been becoming worse and worse. For some reason, with this knowledge at hand, the world as a whole continue to leave this threat mostly untamed. While it is true that numerous countries are trying to lower their contributions, many countries still do not have this mindset
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