The Effects Of Climate Change On The Environment

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“Ever since civilization began, each generation has left the next planet similar to the one it inherited. Our generation may be the first to abandon that tradition” (Brown, 2009). It is clear the amount of damage that has been done to the environment is due to this current generation and the problem I will be focusing on is climate change. Climate change is an issue that has been present for many years, but we are just now deciding to stand up and try to fix things. The problem at hand is whether or not it’s too late to undo the destruction that’s already been done. Is this damage too critical that it cannot be corrected? Climate change is an environmental issue that is reversible, the damage might already be done but if we work towards a sustainable lifestyle it is something our environment can recover from. Studies show that temperatures are estimated to rise by 6 degrees Celsius (11 degrees Fahrenheit) (Brown, 2009). Although 11 degrees Fahrenheit does not sound like a lot, the effects are countless. The main contributor to this temperature rise is greenhouse gases. The main greenhouse gas that accounts for 63 percent is CO2 (carbon dioxide) that comes directly from activities that we participate in each and every day (Brown, 2009). These activities include electricity generation, heating, transportation and industry. In 2010, researchers found that out of the recorded CO2 pollution, 43 percent was produced by coal, 36 percent from oil and 20 percent gas. On average
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