The Effects Of Climate Change On The World

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Climate change is one of the most crucial issues in the twentieth century. There is much evidence to show fluctuations in weather occurring on the earth. Scientists found that the period of global warming is occurring more frequently than the previous time and rapidly increasing temperature globally. The statistic records on the nineteenth century, calculated that the surface of earth throughout the 100 years ago that had average increase of approximately 0.8C. However, during the period thirteen years ago, the average temperature increase around 0.6C and continually warming with an upward trend in the shortest period. These events cause drastic changes which affect human life such as extreme weather (hotter and colder), food and fresh water shortages and higher levels of the ocean. It is important for people to being concern what happens now. This essay will focus on the main cause of anthropogenic changing climate, in order to evaluate and link the outcome of activity. Human activity contributed greenhouse gases especially four principal gases: carbon dioxide (Co2), Methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and the halocarbons (a group of gases containing fluorine chlorine and bromine) those gases cause the greenhouse effect, by prevented radiation of sun from the earth release to the space. As a result, the temperature rapid increase and continually change the atmosphere, causing the climate changing. TITLE OF DIAGRAM , source , year The extendable size of emission
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