The Effects Of Climate Change On The Modern Era

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Climate change has been one of the most important challenges of human society in the modern era. With decades of study and preparation to stop or slow down the arrival of climate change and its consequences. Finding the solution to this problem was at one point at the top of many nations’ to do list, but now has slipped due to a few more current problems such as US stock market crash in 2008. Even as said problems have already been solved and part of the past, society and their governments have moved past caring for the environment in the way that they used to, but the problem is not going away and will only get worse the longer it is left to itself. A few industries are taking it upon themselves to redefine the industry they’re in, to a more environmentally friendly one, with a big one being the automobile industry. This is great in of itself, but only through the collaboration of all nations and its government can the world be able to avert the perilous consequences of climate change. Even with aid industries doing their part to help keep the environment the way it is, people are generally passive towards climate change, which could stem from the results of the 2008 market crash. People and their governments are focused and working on the problems of today, from internal affairs to international struggles. What the government can do is inspire and advertise the urgency of environmental stewardship. Environmental stewardship is the accountable use and protection of the
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