The Effects Of Climate Change On The Earth

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You have been bitten, that pesky mosquito flies away. You wait unaware of what’s about to happen. You begin to feel unwell, you 're fever rages as you begin to seize. You have Malaria but live in Europe. Climate change is classed as any alteration in global weather patterns over a period of time. However the climate change the earth is currently experiencing is far from anything ever experienced before and its 99% certain that it has been caused by human industrialisation. Like anything that affects the earth on a global scale it affects everything including microorganisms and therefore disease. Climate change is causing disease to spread and increase in severity. The main adverse effects causing the spread of disease from climate change is global warming, El Niño and human migration due to climate change.

Climate change causes global warming which changes where disease is located. Global temperatures are expected to rise by 1.4-5.8 degrees Celsius by 2100 (McMichael et al, 2006). This increase in temperature will result in mega storms, heat waves, droughts and disease distribution shifts. Global warming will cause the summer to appear longer therefore seasonal diseases will have a longer period of effect. Diseases will also become more widespread as temperatures increase to support the vectors of viruses, for example mosquitoes. Bezirtzoglou, Dekas and Charvalos (2011) agree that the ranges of several vector-borne diseases or their vectors are already changing in altitude
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