The Effects Of Climate Warming On The Earth

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Throughout the history of the earth, there has been a continual change in the climate of the earth. According to Nasa, there have been seven cycles of glacial advance and retreat within the last 650,000 years. One of them being the last ice age that abruptly ended about 7,000 years ago which marked the beginning of modern civilization. The changes in climate are normally caused by slight variations in the orbit of the Earth around the Sun which causes there be an increase or decrease in the amount of solar energy the planet absorbs. Today, ninety-seven percent of scientist agree that the current climate-warming that has occurred over the past century is most likely due to the activities of humans. The current climate-warming trend is quite significant because it is proceeding at an unprecedented rate due to the human involvement. There is evidence of climate change everywhere. One evidence is over the past century, the global sea level has elevated about 6.7 inches (17 centimeters), but within the last decade, the rate of the sea level rising has doubled the rate of the last century (Church). Along with with the rate of the rising sea level, the temperature is also rising. Across all three of the major land surfaces of the earth, the temperature has warmed since 1880 (GIS TEMP). Most of the surface warming that has occurred has only recently happened since the 1970s. Twenty of the warmest have happened since 1981 and ten of the warmest of them have just occurred within
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