The Effects Of Cocaine

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Common names for Cocaine are: Coke; Charlie; Snow; and ‘C’

Cocaine can be identified as a white powder which can then be snorted up a person’s nose, an alternative method to taking is to inject directly into the blood stream. Crack Cocaine comes about by chemically altering the Cocaine powder to form hard crystals, which can be known as ‘rocks’.

The drug Cocaine alters chemical levels in the brain which can lead the user to have the ‘feel good’ factor.

A ‘rush’ may be felt by the user when the person’s heart beat increases, which then results in more blood being pumped around.

This type of drug is sometimes thought of as a ‘rich persons’ activity, much in the way of owning a helicopter!

Negative psychological effects of the drug can
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Injected Cocaine effects wear off quickly which can result in a user feeling the need to ‘dig’ (inject) two or three times in an hour.

There is no safe known way of consuming Cocaine.

If a person is to take Cocaine, depending on how it is taken can vary how much danger they are putting their health and lives at risk.

The lesser risk way of taking the drug is to snort (ingestion via the nose). This way does not cause as much shock to the body and carries a lower risk of overdose. The effects come on gradually, peaking at approximately fifteen to thirty minutes after taken.
The quickest method is to smoke the drug. A homemade device used is known as a ‘bong’ which uses a plastic bottle, tubing and water. Alternatively, some people use a small pipe. The effects are quick, heightened and dramatic. Often the user may want an immediate repeat dose.
The most immediate and also most dangerous method to take Cocaine is to inject. There is higher risk of an overdose. Additionally, there are associated risks such as HIV, Hepatitis and Syphilis due to pre-used needles and/or syringes (known as the
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