The Effects Of Coercion During Interrogations

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The Effects of Coercion During Interrogations Nicholas Cox Troy University Abstract The interrogation process that police use requires planning, preparation, and skill. In this paper, I will break down each element that makes up the police interrogation process and describe how flawed interrogation tactics can make the interrogation less than completely accurate. “Coercion and duress are similar in that they both create an environment of intimidation during the interrogation process. Coercion is defined as the use or threat of use of illegal physical methods to induce a suspect to make an admission or confession. Accordingly, duress is the imposition of restrictions on physical behavior such as prolonged interrogation,…show more content…
“Because of pressure from peers and family members who might be present on the scene, it is important to remove the suspect from familiar surroundings, take him or her to a location with a more sterile and less threatening atmosphere” (Lyman, 1993). If an investigator selects an inappropriate area to conduct the interrogation, the suspect may be pressured into responses or statements that are not true. For example, if a suspect is questioned in an environment where family is present, they might be inclined to give deceptive responses in order to hide the truth from their family. If a suspect is questioned in an intimidating environment, they might get pressured into a false confession if they feel that no matter what they say the investigators already have the evidence required for a conviction. The CIA report on enhanced interrogation techniques has a perfect example on how the place of the interrogation is used as a factor for achieving the desired results in an interrogation. The Senate Intelligence Committee released a report on the alleged use of torture and enhanced interrogation techniques used at various locations to interrogate suspected terrorists. “Conditions at CIA detention sites were poor, and were especially bleak early in the program. CIA detainees at the COBALT detention facility were kept in complete darkness and constantly shackled in isolated cells with loud noise or music
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