The Effects Of Community On Parenting Practices

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The Effects of Community on Parenting Practices
Christina Sanchez
November 6th 2016

The definition of a community can vary by its ' culture and experiences. It is those differences that are the framework for what any given community regards as normal and appropriate when it pertains to parenting practices. These norms set the standards as to when and how parents should seek help from others as well. Parenting practices are normally looked at in relation to a particular culture; this focus excludes community input and effect on the expectations and behaviors of parents. For this reason, the focus of this paper will be the effect of community, not culture, on parenting practices. The community can become the standard reference for a parent, and practices may be accepted without question even if they do not match that of the broader society. Variations that exist here in the Southwest, include Native and non-Native parenting practices, Hispanic influences, and socio-economic factors. For Native American families in the Southwest, it is important to also note that their style of shared living impacts their parenting practices. For instance, children may live with other family members such as grandparents, and move routinely from family member to family member as they are growing up. The burden of parenting or raising children in a traditional Native American family belongs to the
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