The Effects Of Competition On American Culture

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During a single day in a person’s life in the United States, there are a multitude of moments where the drive to be the best rules everyones lives. In American culture there is the drive to be the first and best at everything. People take great pride in being the first person in line, or the best at a board game. In the United States, any other position other than first is considered a lose. Its prevalent in almost every aspect of society from sports to competitions on reality tv shows. Very rarely duo the majority of people remember the second place finisher, but they remember the person in first place. The affect of competition is not just felt when competing against another, but when your trying to hurry somewhere or beat a deadline. It is a basic instinct and cultural trait in the U.S. that promotes a greater desire for individualism than the rest of the world. The question, though, is what other prominent areas has the inherit need to compete seeped into American culture. In the music industry the idea of winners and losers concept is noticeable in every genre of music, and nearly every topic the a particular song covers. Music has a way of criticizing or applauding many aspects of American Culture. This allows competition to be pronounced explicitly and implicitly in most songs. From songs about inequality to romance, most songs have competitive winners or losers referenced. Any song written about poverty shows the economic competition that comes with the Western
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