The Effects Of Concentration Camps On The Holocaust

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Sam Gaglias
English I
Mrs. Novik
14 October 2014
Summer camps are fun, but Concentration Camps aren’t History is like a huge puzzle. People can keep find missing pieces to the story as they learn more about it. The Holocaust was one of those moments in history that has lead our minds to curiosity about why such a thing would occur at some point in time. For example, concentration camps. Concentration camps are one of those moments in history that make people’s jaws drop because of how flabbergasted they are to even hear of such a thing. Once you hear about one fact about the Holocaust and concentration camps you want to know every little detail about it to try and analyze what was happening and how it happened. Concentration camps in the Holocaust were a turning point in history because it lead to the deaths of millions of people. To begin, concentration camps did not originate in World War II. In fact, this idea for a camp was invented by soldiers and generals in other wars that occurred not too many years before The Holocaust. The first concentration was brought up by general Valeriano Weyler y Nicolau in the Cuban insurrection against Spain in 1896. Concentration camps were also used in the Philippine-American war in the first decade of the 1900’s. The concentration camps in these wars just mentioned were used mainly for labor and penal. However, armies weren’t as big on execution as the Nazi’s were. The Nazi’s bumped up the idea of concentration camps to turn it

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