The Effects Of Concussion Injuries On Sports

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Concussion the most common head injury that can occur while participating in sports. There are over 250,000 concussion injuries reported each year in football players. High school football players experience at least one concussion during their season each year. Sport related concussions are most likely to witness, they usually mild, sometimes to never be associated with any other injuries, and they are usually treated initially by a non-medical person. Athletes who participate in contact sports like football, boxing, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, and all snow sports are at high risk for a sport related concussion.
A concussion, also is known as a traumatic brain injury, which is caused by a thump on the head or a forceful impact to the body, and any other injury that raddles the brain inside the skull. After the blow to the head a person may have cuts or bruises on their head or face, however, you may not be able to see any visible signs of a brain injury. You do not have to black out or even lose consciousness to know you have a concussion. Even though there are some people who symptoms of having a concussion will be obvious.
These symptoms are having a concussion includes memory loss right after their head injury or even passing out. With proper rest and care, people will sometimes have a full recovery. There are rare cases where people recover within a few hours from a concussion. Be sure to avoid similar activities that might cause you to encounter another head injury…
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