The Effects Of Concussion On Young Athletes

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Concussion in Young Athletes Tennessee State University Kenji Anderson Introduction When youth participate in sports, they are at risk for multiple types of injuries. One of the most common and dangerous sports-related injuries is concussions. Although concussions are one of the most visible sports injuries, it is often hard to diagnose. Symptoms of a concussion can be vague and uncertain, which can inevitably lead to more harm to an athlete. Athletes who play with concussions can face great consequences if they are not removed from play. The effects of obtaining or playing with a concussion may not be recognized early on but rather over time. The control disease center reported that that reported concussions have…show more content…
A connection between the knowledge concerning concussions and obtaining a concussion injury has not been confirmed. Although football may have the most contact in sports, female soccer players have a higher concussion rate than any other sport (Preidt P.1, 2015). The contact of the soccer player’s head to the ball is the direct cause of the concussion. Since there is no protective gear guarding the soccer player’s head, it is more likely to obtain a concussion due to direct contact to the head of the player. Diagnosis Catching the symptoms of sports related head injuries is crucial to preventing further injuries from happening. The symptoms of concussion can include emotional, physical, and mental aspects. The signs of a concussion can vary, which can lead to some missed diagnosis (Whyte, Benton 2013). When diagnosing a concussion physicians or athletic trainers look for certain cues to help confirm a diagnosis. The cues can include headaches, feeling of being in a daze, and mood alterations. Some signals that might coincide with the others will include loss of consciousness, behavioral changes, and slowed reaction times to situations. The physical signs of a concussion will be the easiest to recognize. The emotional and cognitive aspects will not be
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