The Effects Of Concussions On Youth And High School Football

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Seth Garff Mrs. Holliday: Period 2 1/8/16
The Dangers of Concussions in Youth and High School Football

Thesis: Youth and High School football teams are not adequately protected from the danger of concussions and head trauma. Concussions occur on a large scale in football. During a concussion, the head can experience a blow directly or can have whiplash. When the head is hit, the brain hits the inside of the skull, giving it a temporary bruise. This bruise or tearing of the brain can lead to mental impairments that can affect a person’s emotional state of being, physical problems like deteriorated mobility and sensitivity to light and sound. Doctors are quick to point out one of the major reasons that youth receive concussions, saying, “... children have big heads relative to the rest of their bodies and weak necks… that elevates the risk of concussions,” (P6). Along with a lack of education and care for the protection of athletes, youth are already at a huge risk. When children wear their football helmets, they are saving themselves from many injuries that could have occurred without them, most especially protecting the brain. But, in many cases, this is not enough.
In football, receiving a concussion is highly probable compared to other sports. The HRF(Health Research Funding) provides us with information about football concussion injuries, saying, “The chances of suffering a catastrophic injury while playing football when compared to other high

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