The Effects Of Corporal Punishment On Children

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Parents today are in a time where there is more research about how to raise their child than ever before. There is a staggering amount of information throughout the library’s and internet that will point out the simple pros and cons of Corporal punishment. Many children psychologists state that violence will always produce violence, it will never reduce aggression. This is a generally accepted fact that has been proven and studied for decades. Will someone such as a child, not act out against an aggressor because of the natural drive to preserve their inherited material? There are usually four things that children who have experienced child abuse will do in later years. One they themselves will become the abuser they will act out the situations that they themselves were put in. Two they will cower down to interaction and will raise children that take advantage of them or three they will never full grow up and will be mentally handicapped by the entire situation that the scars are irreversible. Or four they will grow up perfectly normal and learn for the mistakes of their abuser. Fear from an abuser may actually may not be an emotion caused by an aggressor, depending on the social situation, but it is one of the most fundamental facts of social psychology that aggression towards a subject will produce increased aggression in the affected subject, in terms of the population of course. Many parents face a dilemma when it comes to the punishing of their children. The debate
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