The Effects Of Corporal Punishment On Student Development Beyond The Institution Of Education

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The Aftermath of a Raised Hand What is the harm of a little physical reinforcement to ensure children know how to properly act in society? This idea of physical reinforcement is also known as corporal punishment and is still present today in the southern American states, including some Texas school systems. Corporal punishment defined as “punishment of a physical nature, such as caning, flogging, or beating” (Corporal punishment). Some administers believe benefits include fewer student outbursts and a quiet environment; however, this logic fails to include the psychological implications of corporal punishment on students. Negative effects of corporal punishment negate the benefits of classroom management, as evidenced by the Social…show more content…
Therefore, if a student experiences punishment from a teacher/principal at school just to get even more punishment from a parent for the same offense, then consequently the violence is what the child will remember most vividly. The conditions to model this violent behavior includes “attention, retention, reproduction, and motivation” which can be interpreted as the attention to the fact that violence is an adult’s response causes a child to model the behavior of the adults around them resulting in more violence (Bandura, 288). Subconsciously most adults tend to believe that the easiest way to deal with a disobedient child or person is to cause physical harm. This answer of violence more times than not stems from the anger a student caused in doing wrong. Justification for corporal punishment originates from the past and is often the defense of pro-corporal punishment advocates. Physical punishment can be traced back to ancient times exemplified in Egypt, concerning the slaves that built the pyramids. These deep roots of physical punishment are often referred to as a form of proof that it works. To use Egyptian violence as an example is pushing the envelope of what corporal punishment is today, regardless the reaction to that punishment is similar because human nature is present in both time periods. Punishment in and of itself is not inherently detrimental to a person’s development; however, in the case of school corporal punishment the extra violent input

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