The Effects Of Corporal Punishment On The Parent Child Relationship

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There are many different ways of disciplining a child. Corporal punishment is one of the main ones. The term corporal punishment means the intentional infliction of pain on the body for purposes of punishment and includes slapping, hitting with objects, pinching, shaking and forcing to stand for long periods of time. Family researchers define corporal punishment as " the use of physical force aimed at causing children to experience pain but not injury, for the purposes of correction and control of youthful behavior" (Murry). This essay is going to talk about how corporal punishment affect the child.

The term "spanking" is a form of physical or corporal
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Corporal punishment of children is becoming a worldwide topic of discussion. Policies have been developed in 53 countries prohibiting corporal punishment in all aspects; unfortunately, the United States is not included in this count (Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children). Unfortualy in the united states Prohibition is still to be achieved in homes, some alternative care, some daycare, some schools and some penal institutions. State laws confirm the right of parents to inflict physical punishment on their children and legal provisions against violence and abuse are not interpreted as prohibiting all corporal punishment in childrearing. “The near universal acceptance of corporal punishment in “disciplining” children necessitates a clear statement in law that all corporal punishment, however light, is prohibited and the repeal of all legal defenses for its use” (Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children) The number of countries prohibiting corporal punishment continues to rise, as well as the amount of research looking at the effects of corporal punishment. Corporal punishment has been shown to have adverse effects on children in many ways including increased anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and antisocial behavior. The main concern with the attachment theory is that using physical punishment can have
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