The Effects Of Covergirl Makeup On Societies, Economies, And Environments

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The concept of using makeup has been around for centuries. The oldest recollection of the use of cosmetics can be found in Egypt 10,000 B.C.E with the use of scented oils and ointments for skin protection. Then soon after, the Chinese were using makeup to make their faces fair in complexion and achieve their standards of beauty. Not long after the Europeans followed. Multitudes of people today use makeup everyday, but we probably do not think twice about its effects on the world around us. The purpose of this paper is to explore the effects of Covergirl makeup on societies, economies, and environments. It has been found that in many societies women think that they need to use makeup and that women that do not wear makeup are not…show more content…
In many cases people purchase products from the makeup companies and see the products as a way to boost their self-esteem. This creates a never ending cycle of women feeling horrible and buying makeup to feel better. In more recent years, cosmetic companies have started to launch campaigns that help boost the confidence of women. Covergirl, an American makeup company, is a very good example of a cosmetic company trying to destroy the stigma of beauty only looking a certain way. Instead of using photoshopped models for their makeup campaigns, they use celebrity women in their true forms, and they choose women of all walks of life. From Sofia Vergara, a Latina women, to Zendaya Coleman, an African American women. Covergirl destroys the idea that beautiful has to be fair skinned, a size zero, and perfect. Among the use of diversity in their campaigns, Covergirl also launched a campaign called Girls Can. This campaign empowers young girls and women to never let anyone tell them they can 't do something because they are females. It includes Queen Latifah, Pink, Sofia Vergara, and a couple more influential women supporting females to cross over barriers. Covergirl’s newest addition to their team of

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