The Effects Of Crime And Mental Illness

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Typically, mental conditions affect the cognitive and emotional aspects of a person. Thus, people with mental illness face a high risk of engaging in criminalized behaviors. Many pieces of research show that the US has the largest number of its citizens in prison with severe mental illness. This essay will analyze how crime and mental illness is a crisis in America that has fundamentally been avoided over the years that have seen the decline in institutions that were previously designed to help this population.
According to studies, the United States has more than 2.2 million people in prisons and jails, and many of them have mild to severe mental conditions. According to Nicholas and Bryant, (2010), a survey of inmates in five different jails in New York and the Maryland states, about 16% the prisoners have severe mental illness. The study found that the women are the most affected with about 31% preference against 14% preference in men. Similar studies, although extensive, show high percentages of mental issues in inmates in the US. According to James and Glaze (2006), about 50% of prisoners in the United States show symptoms of mental illness. Among the top mental illnesses is mania that affects about 43% of the prisoner and about 54% of jail inmates. Further, the study found that about 70% of prisoners met criteria set for either a primary or comorbid substance abuse disorder. However, despite the fact that many inmates are suffering from mental illness, very few prisons…
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