The Effects Of Crime And The Media, Women And Crime, And Theories Of Crime

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Prior to this semester, I had never given much thought to crime. It was always in the back of my mind because of the seemingly increasing chances of becoming a victim of crime. Over the semester I have explored a range of topics relating to crime. The purpose of this essay is to reflect upon certain topics explored over the semester. I have chosen to focus on topics that had the profound effect on my learning. I have since been able to form an opinion that is back by theory on these topics. The topics chosen are: crime and the media, women and crime, and theories of crime, specifically realism.

It was difficult to narrow down the topics that contributed to my learning this semester. The questions being asked in the weekly learning logs on each topic caused me to stop, think, research, and evaluate. Crime and the media was one the topics that made me pause. This topic was of particular interest and taught me why problems are presented the way they are. The first part of this interest I had was regarding newsworthiness. I assumed that certain stories would not reflect reality. After learning the factors of what makes a story newsworthy, I became more critical. A recent story in the media had me reflecting on why a story was newsworthy. This story has seen the media obsessing over the murder trial of Warriena Wright. The short version of the story is that a woman, Warriena Wright, and man, Gabel Tostee, went on a date. This ended with Warriena falling from a balcony, which…

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