The Effects Of Cultural And Religious Diversity On The World

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It is quite obvious, that the development of a culture significantly depends on the systems of beliefs and attitudes, which are shared by a certain group of people. On the other hand the system of beliefs and attitudes is formed according to the specific experience and environment, which influence the activities of the people. In such a way beliefs and attitudes are interrelated with culture. This interrelation causes emergence of cultural and religious diversity in the world. However, various religions of the ancient world are not completely different. The psychological peculiarities of human cognition as well as cultural intercommunication, as a result of political influence redistribution or commercial trade, has led to significant similarities of human beliefs and attitudes. Hence, various cultures and religions have differences and similarities, which can be observed on the example of relationships between the human and the Divinity. Investigation of the Ancient Greek religion and the religion of the Hebrews provides evidence about the different and similar patterns in human-Divinity interrelationships, as exemplified by Odysseus and Athena as well as Job and God. The research of two ancient texts, Odyssey and Bible, show that the power and influence of the Hebrews’ God is more significant than the power and influence of any particular god in the Ancient Greek Olympus, which makes the human and the Divinity more distant in significance in the Hebrew image of the
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