The Effects Of Cultural On Health We Can Draw An Analysis Of A Tree Within A Forest

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Culture impacts every facet of life and is defined as beliefs, values and attitudes shared and perpetuated by members of a social group. Culture is a complex whole that also includes shared traditions, customs and language, and norms that must be learned from families and social communities (Thomas et al., 2004). It also affects the entire way in which health is framed in meaning and response; thus, awareness of these cultural variations can only serve to enable health practitioners to provide adequate health care to those who are in need. Despite the various cultures across the our country, we all share at least three universal needs in life, namely; a sense of safety and security, a sense of integrity and meaningfulness of life and a sense of belonging. To explore the influence of cultural on health we can draw an analysis of a tree within a forest. Which is more important, the tree or the forest? The forest, of course! In exploring the cultural context of the forest, it allows us to understand and appreciate the ways in which every tree within the forest are shaped, the roles that each of these trees plays within the forest and the resulting connections and relationships that exist between the trees. These cultural dynamics are therefore essential in public health in determining its effectiveness and sustainability (Williams, 1990). Health is a cultural concept because culture frames and shapes how we perceive the world and our experiences. At the same time,

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