The Effects Of Cultural Products On The Culture Industry

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Compared to Adorno and Horkheimer, Stuart Hall states in his essay, Encoding/Decoding, that consumers of cultural products can decide what the message is. Ultimately in his essay Hall suggests that in encoding that the creator does not always decide the message, the message is not always clear, and that the audience does not always simply absorb the message that the creator has placed into the product. The purpose of this essay to analyze both works and display both arguments regarding the messages consumers receive. In the essay The Culture Industry, Adorno and Horkheimer bring up the argument that audience members take the message simply take a message from whatever media products that they are exposed to. The two main arguments that are brought up the authors are that everything is the same (Adorno & Horkheimer, 36). The second argument that is taken into account is the ‘culture industry’ that they describe is that everything is about money (34). These two arguments are what they use to suggest that audiences merely take in the message that is displayed to them. According to Adorno and Horkheimer anything that is found within the ‘culture industry’ is similar to one another (34). What can be concluded from the argument is that many of the ideas that are presented on screen through various types of media are that the same ideas and aesthetic is repeated constantly. By looking at the example of the films produced in today’s society it is easy to believe Adorno and
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