The Effects Of Dark Matter On A Galaxy 's Matter

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Dark matter is the idea of unseen matter in the universe that affects the gravitation and mass of varying objects, such as stars and galaxies. Dark matter is hard to see and find because unlike matter, it does not reflect or emit light. It also does not affect the electromagnetic fields in the universe (CERN 1). Dark matter can either be “hot” or “cold.” “Cold” dark matter means when the big bang occurred it was not moving fast enough to affect the formation of galaxies. Dark matter can also be “hot,” meaning it was moving fast enough to affect a galaxy’s matter (White 1). Fritz Zwicky was a swiss astronomer who lived from 1898 to 1974 was unrecognized, as well as, disliked by his colleagues for his aggressiveness toward them. An example…show more content…
Also, in the 1940s he earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Truman for his work with rocket propulsion during World War Two. He also earned the Gold Medal of Britain’s Royal Astronomical Society. After World War Two, Fritz collected and donated over 15 tons of scientific books and papers to destroyed scientist libraries between Europe and Asia. He was also the director of the Pestalozzi Foundation of America and helped support orphanages all over the world. Fritz dead in Pasadena on February 8, 1974, and his grave is in Mollis, Switzerland. Asteroid 1803 Zwicky and lunar crater Zwicky were both named after Fritz as a way to honor him and what he has brought to science. Fritz was also married twice and he had three daughters. The first time he married Dorothy Vernon Gates on March 25, 1932,they got divorced in 1941 and he took six years to move on. On October 15, 1947 he got remarried to Anna Margarita Züucher (Dictionary 1). At one point, his youngest, Barbarina, had to defend him against Freeman Dyson’s accusations. Dyson called Zwicky’s ideas radical and extravagant. He called Zwicky prickly, arrogant, abrasive, and always ready to fight with his co-workers. His co-worker even accused Zwicky of calling Blaade a nazi and claiming he was going to kill Blaade. (Astronomy 1).
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