The Effects Of Dark Matter On The Universe

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The universe is the entirety of space, time, matter and energy. Today scientists theorize that the universe is dominated by invisible matter rather than visible matter. What is this mysterious invisible matter that makes up the majority of our universe? Scientists call it dark matter. But other than the fact that exists, scientist know very little about it, and are more certain about what it is not than what it is (Dark Energy, Dark Matter, n.d.). Dark matter is matter than does not emit any light or any other types of detectable radiation (Dark Matter, n.d.). Dark matter is undetectable by any type of electromagnetic radiation. It cannot be seen as visible light, or be detected at the low or high end of the spectrum (DarkMatter, n.d.). Scientists believe that it was created over 14 billion years ago, after the big bang. Studies of how galaxies form suggest that dark matter is made up of particles with masses that could range from that of a proton to a hundred times more (Dark Matter, n.d.). Dark matter was first introduced in 1933 when Fritz Zwicky, a Bulgarian Swiss American scientist, concluded its existence. Zwicky used Newton’s laws and the speeds of individual galaxies to determine the mass of galaxy clusters. He also used the brightness of individual galaxies to determine the amount of visible matter in the galaxy clusters. The calculations showed that there was much more invisible matter than visible matter. But after Zwicky’s discovery, dark matter did not receive
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