The Effects Of Dating Abuse On Young Adolecents Today

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Introduction I have fallen in love once, but it wasn’t your ideal love story. The guy I was in love with, seemed harmless when I first became involved with him. However, as the relationship grew, he began to abuse me: emotionally and physically. I was terrified, as he began to holler hurtful phrases and names at me, along with leaving bruises on my body. Who could I have turned to? What if he continues to hurt me, or even exceed what damage he’s already done if I were to tell anyone? Empathy and compassion should be directed towards this issue because dating abuse is a continuous event that is still occuring to young adolecents today. One of the many problems in the world is that dating abuse is prominent, but it is not being acknowledged…show more content…
A majority of the students and teachers are exceedingly uninformed of the mishaps revolving around dating abuse and how common it is for ones student/peer is undergoing dating abuse. According to figure one, a graph presented by Mary Kay from Loveisrespect taking in the documentation of results from a survey that evaluates the circumstances of dating abuse, states that over fifty percent out of the 500 teens and young adults that were interview have experienced some type of abuse in a relationship. However, forty percent of those people have remained silent (Figure 1). Adding on,Loveisrespect, an organization that provides aid to dating abuse victims, states that a majority of parents (58%) could not correctly identify all the warning signs of abuse. This is highly hazerdous to society, as it strips away the beauty of these victims, to the point where only thirty-three percent of teens who were in a violent relationship ever told anyone about the abuse (Loveisrespect). Adding on to the thirty-three percent of teens, eighty-one percent of parents surveyed believe teen dating violence is not an issue or admits that they are uninformed of the issue (Loveisrespect). Society, especially those who are in school environments, should be well informed of dating abuse and attempt to reach out to these
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