The Effects Of Dating Abuse On Young Adolecents Today

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I have fallen in love once, but it wasn’t your ideal love story. The guy I was in love with, seemed harmless when I first became involved with him. However, as the relationship grew, he began to abuse me: emotionally and physically. I was terrified, as he began to holler hurtful phrases and names at me, along with leaving bruises on my body. Who could I have turned to? What if he continues to hurt me, or even exceed what damage he’s already done if I were to tell anyone? Empathy and compassion should be directed towards this issue because dating abuse is a continuous event that is still occuring to young adolecents today. One of the many problems in the world is that dating abuse is prominent, but it is not being acknowledged to the potential it could be. Due to the unawareness of dating abuse, students and teachers should put in the effort to inform each other and those around them of dating abuse, as well as how to address it.
Symptoms and Cause
Dating abuse is a topic that isn’t discussed throughout classrooms across the nation. Although, teachers should begin to direct their students’ attention to the issue. Dating abuse is when a partner of an unmarried couple is attempting to maintain power over the other through emotional or physical abuse. Dating abuse could be indicated by the following signs and symptoms, remarked by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: The victims have injuries often, they are frequently missing events without explanation,…
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