The Effects Of Dating Violence On Children Of Perpetrators And Victims Alike

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Dating violence is most commonly thought of in mature adult relationships, but it is also alarmingly common among youth. Youth experience many forms of dating violence. Dating violence includes a large range of abusive behaviors, such as physical, emotional, and sexual assault. These abusive behaviors occur between two people who have entered a romantic or sexual relationship together, and consider themselves to be a couple. Dating violence and victimization may occur in any romantic or sexual relationship, but the population of heterosexual female youth are more susceptible to experiencing this abuse. This paper is intended to examine the relationship that risk factors play in both the lives of perpetrators and victims alike. Risk factors are any characteristics that an individual possesses that could provide them with a predisposition towards violence, or towards being victimized by a romantic partner. Risk factors may include, but are not limited to: substance abuse, poor performance in school, lack of social acceptance, and mental health (Dank, Lachman, Zweig, & Yahner, 2013). Other risk factors can include family life and deviancy (Vézina & Hébert, 2007). An intervention method of decreasing youth dating violence will also be examined. This method consists of providing youth with appropriate ways of behaving in a relationship through a variety of techniques. By examining the roles played by both risk factors and intervention, it is apparent that female youth are more…
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