The Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment

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Air Pollution
Deforestation has been an ongoing activity in both the North and South Island in relatively equal measures. Since New Zealand was inhabited, Maori and European settlers have exploited the forests in New Zealand, reducing them from 82% to 23% of the surface area throughout the country. (Ewersa et al,, 2006). This is a great volume of vegetation which has been removed from the earth’s surface. In return, many harmful impacts are being imposed on the environment. One of these is the increased pollution in the air which is a result of less oxygen being released from trees. With deforestation occurring at such noticeable rates, it is with urgency that the issue needs to be faced in order to protect the well-being of both the environment as well as humans. Deforestation alters normal weather patterns by causing warmer and colder temperatures. These impact the environment as they affect the growth of crops that rely on constant temperatures for growth. It also increases the frequency of flooding as rainfall levels are affected by deforestation. (Chakravarty et al., 2012)
Climate Change
Not only is air pollution a result of deforestation but contribution to climate change is very significant and is an issue that needs to be faced in New Zealand before it creates too much harm. Forests store large volumes of carbon dioxide and in return, release oxygen into the atmosphere. When a forest is cut down, the carbon dioxide is immediately released into the air which is not
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