The Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment

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To keep that GDP growing the country has to keep addressing the ongoing environmental issues, which include water shortages, soil erosion and deforestation. The soil erosion has been caused by an excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers. Deforestation has been a detrimental issue because of the large amounts of agricultural and land clearing, and not to mention the over use of wood products for fuel purposes, without replanting new growth. Another leading cause of deforestation is forest fires caused by man, whether it’s intentional or accidental. Water shortages also hit the island extremely hard in June of 2015. Martin Melendez, an expert, in hydrology and civil engineer stated that over a 100 communities suffered from water shortages and the island was 30 days from the entire water system collapsing (“Deforestation”). The tourist areas were even suffering. A lot of these issues have been exacerbated by global warming. The island realized this and recently renewed their agreement with the Kyoto protocol to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (“Forest Carbon”). As of January, 2015 the total population of the Dominican Republic is estimated to be 10,692,452 people. The male and female population is pretty even males making up 50.2% and females at 49.8%. of the population. Even in all age groups the male to female ratio is even. There is an average of 576 live births and 127 deaths per day. According to the population clock the islans’s population density is 219.7 people
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