The Effects Of Depression And Its Effects On People With Depression

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In today’s day and age, there are many things that can effect a person’s personality and mood. Relationships, careers, personal life, all those things are adversely effecting everyone. Sometimes, these things can effect someone negatively and emotionally. The death of a loved one, for example, could affect someone and cause them to feel grief. If not handled with correctly, that grief could cause a person to sink into depression, until they would require outside help to overcome it. Depression is a serious mental illness that effects day to day activities and one’s personal life, and serious matters need to be taken before it goes too far. Unfortunately, experts today are more inclined to prescribe a pill to help people with depression, rather than recommending psychotherapy, which has been proven for decades to help many individuals with psychological problems. By now, it has gotten to a point in where drugs aren’t even always being prescribed for their intended use. Over half of the antidepressants prescribed to Americans in 2005 were for uses other than depression, which can greatly increase the already high risks to taking psychiatric drugs (King 2012).
Antidepressants have been used for many decades and are often considered a “miracle cure” until a complication arises. An antidepressant is used to treat mild to severe depression in most patients, although many doctors prescribe it for other problems, such as eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other…
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