The Effects Of Depression And Its Treatment On Mental Health Essay

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The issues related to the mental health have become a part of our everyday life. A key role in this process was played by the media (Barker, Vossler and Langdridge, 2010). In contemporary, they still influence common views on the mental health. This essay will summarise and discuss the presentations of mental health in two newspaper articles. Firstly, summarising their content. Secondly, critically discussing it. Then, discussing their advantages. And finally, discussing them in the historical context. The first article (Hughes, 2016) argues that depression occurs as a result of environmental factors rather than the biological ones and too much money is spent on the latter rather than the former. It argues that the research on the biological factors does not really contribute to our knowledge about depression and its treatment. It claims that the genetic factors are reversible through psychotherapy and that there are two types of depression depending on whether it involves the genetic factors or not. It also shows the importance of the issue by stating that the United Kingdom spends £70 billion on mental health annually and that 40% of new disability benefit claims are related to mental health problems. The second article (Jones, 2016) focused on the anxiety and depression’s impact on the economy. It compared the cost of the productivity lost due to these disorders with the costs of their treatment. According to the article, over the next 15 years the world economy can
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