The Effects Of Depression And Suicide On Children

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Ana Correa
Professor Toole
ENC 1101
6 October 2014
Three Years of Suffering When a relationship becomes violent, it could be emotionally, mentally or physically vicious for both individuals. There is so much violence happening now in society; many women are being physically abused in relationships. It is becoming such a common thing to do since not many men think of the actual consequences that follow. Depression and suicide are the most frequent episodes following an abuse. Most women do not expect to be in an abusive relationship, especially me. During my first serious relationship, I experienced physical abuse from my ex-boyfriend, Sebastian. Once the relationship started, everything was like a fairytale. The honeymoon phase of happiness to nights of laughter, but you would never expect the worst to come. Throughout the time his hostile behavior became very common. It came to the point Sebastian was always controlling everything I did. The times I got home, when I went out with friends, who I could and could not talk to. Losing all my friendships and finding myself alone with no one to approach but him. There were many times he would build-up anger inside and unleash it out on me. My parents never really agreed on us dating, however I was so stubborn I did not care what they thought so I continued to be what I called happy. Spending sleepless nights crying, wishing and praying things would get better. During three years, there were incidents that marked me, but one…
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