The Effects Of Depression And The Stress On Adolescents

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Abstract Stress on adolescents that is caused by school created pressures is a very controversial topic in today’s society. They are required to have so much of their life figured out and achieve academic excellence or else they will be ruining their adult lives that they have not had much time to even think about. Such crucial responsibilities being given to them can cause the pressure to have both mental and physical effects on the adolescents. A lot more adolescents are feeling this stress than what most assume and are feeling their stress more intensely than adults. Some of the specifics that will be discussed are the mental effect of depression and the physical impact stress has on eating, exercise, and sleep patterns. An important…show more content…
It is more than just a topic of television shows, movies, or social media posts it is something that adolescents struggle to cope with everyday and if untreated it will leave long lasting impressions on their future development as an adult. Often times, parents just wanting the best for their children, end up doing more harm than good. Despite what parents may think school is a major influence on a student’s mental and emotional well-being; while in theory it is supposed to be a safe haven of sorts, in practice it has been found to pile on unnecessary stressors for students causing their mental health to deteriorate. Causes of this stress Schooling itself is too general of a cause for why students are suffering from such drastic changes in their mental state. Students have reported that their main causes of stress in school are tests, getting good grades, completing homework, and managing time (i.e., APA, 2009; Conner, Pope, & Galloway, 2010; de Anda et al., 2000; Lohman & Jarvis, 2000). All of these concerns are what education systems enforce in efforts to increase the student’s future productivity at the college level and in the working world. However, students are convinced that their whole purpose of living is to be a high test score or grade, be accepted it into decent colleges, and live comfortably in a never changing career status. There is also constant changes in the
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