The Effects Of Destructive Communication Climate On Children

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Destructive Communication Climate is defined in Chapter 1 as “ composed of two general elements: a pattern of closedness and a pattern of defensiveness,” [p.25]. I think that in my household that there is a destructive communication climate. For example, over Thanksgiving Break this fall, I removed myself from a situation that I felt like I should not have to be in so I would not have to withstand more verbal attacks on myself from my family. The adults of my family do not communicate well with other members of my family so they get hostile when they do not like certain topics of conversation like when I try to be “adult” and fend for myself. I felt like I had to just leave for my mental health as the adults were getting a little too hostile towards me. I think if the adults of my family would realize that it is not healthy or right to treat other in a hostile manner like they are that they would be nicer and more perceptive towards other people’s feelings.
Empathy is defined as in Chapter 1 as “thinking and feelings what you perceive another to be thinking and feeling.” [p. 28]. I believe that I can be empathetic to people because I think about the types of situations that the other person is in and how they feel about those situations. For example, my friend was having a really hard time with her boyfriend and how he treated her when they were in front of a group of his friends. He treated her like they were not dating or even together because his friends would always
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