The Effects Of Digital Abuse On Children

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Greenwich CT is made up of around “62,396 people”(City-Data.Com) and of those people last year (2015), many people were affected by abusive relationships. “The YWCA of Greenwich provided counseling safety planning, crisis intervention, and advocacy to 3,398 individuals including 725 children” (YWCA Domestic Abuse Services). Many people, especially young adults, are either unaware or do not want to talk about the serious problem of abuse occurring in relationships. There are many types of abuse such as physical, emotional, financial, verbal, and digital abuse. However, out of all these types of abuse, physical, and emotional cause the most harm. According to Yajaira, from the YWCA Domestic Abuse Service, there are six types of abuse.…show more content…
Physical abuse is abuse that occurs through violent hitting or touching. The awareness on this topic is very small and as more and more victims suffer from horrible effects such as isolation, feeling guilty, and serious injuries like death, abusive relationships are continuing to go on. “One out of every three women will be abused at some point in their life”(Domestic Abuse Shelter of the Florida Keys). Abusive relationships can not go on and in order to stop it, awareness needs to be spread. Abusive relationships occur mostly due to the following reasons: seeing it as a child and wanting control and because of these causes the effects listed above come into play. Abusive relationships are hard to solve because of many reasons, such as not wanting to admit to the problem, the scary possibilities that come with leaving, like death, and feeling like they have no one there to help them. However, if you are aware of the signs, there are solutions. Abusive relationships occur because of many reasons, one being that one of the two partners has the need for control. “It is a pattern of behavior in which one intimate partner uses physical violence, coercion, threats, intimidation, isolation and emotional, sexual or economic abuse to control and change the behavior of the other partner.”( Children are influenced by what they grow up seeing in their household which is another reason as to why abusers choose to abuse. If you
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