The Effects Of Digital Identification : An Analysis Of Virtual Surrogacy

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School Of Communication Manipal University 23-Apr-15 Research topic: Causes and Effects of Digital Identification: An analysis of Virtual Surrogacy Research Guide: Mrs Shruti Shetty Submitted by: Shray Agarwal Roll Number: 140702035 Introduction Imagine a world, not so far from today where an amalgamation of the Internet with human knowledge and ambition has formed ways of possibly doing everything sitting 'inside ' the World Wide Web. A way of 'life ' is completely possible by living in a Virtual self-figure that can do everything you can, possibly better! The advantages of such technological advancement are multifold. It promises to help people lead a better life. Everything that was deemed unrealistic, in order to achieve the perfect world, has now shown signs of possibility with tremendous success rates. World peace can be attained without the actual loss of lives. A better and much enhanced world economic models, medical and safety accessibility, natural resource conservation, new business perspectives, etc. are just a few of many sectors that could face multi-dimensional changes, People can overcome various social stigmas that stems from actual human confrontation. But then, what may be considered as advantageous to many could also me titled as a disadvantage by many more. A majority of the section of people which is technologically illiterate will be completely cut off in this new ecological society. The Internet will have prime power and
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