The Effects Of Digital Media On Our Lives

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A 2011 national survey showed that hospital marketers anticipated a “400 percent increase in the use of digital media by 2013” (Primacy News, 2011). That percentage may seem staggering, but if we reflect on the changes that digital media has brought to our everyday lives, it might not seem that strange. Digital media touches us all on a daily basis. It’s constantly shifting and changing our views of what is “normal”. Fifty years ago it was normal to race to your television to catch “The Lucy Show” Monday nights at 8:30pm on CBS. Now we go to Netflix to stream the latest season of “Arrested Development” all at once, anytime we want to. We once raced to the record shops to buy Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” album. Now we can buy Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s “Cheek to Cheek” masterpiece from the comfort of our own home using iTunes. Technology is also altering the world of health care. Presentation has changed and so have the platforms for getting new information, ideas, and content across. When our loved ones are in surgery, we no longer have to constantly ask a nurse about their status. Digital media has allowed that information to be made available by monitor in the waiting room. A patient receives a tracking number and we can follow them along the path from prep to recovery. There are more ways to use digital media in health care besides just tracking. Hospital marketers may be distracted by the latest digital media promotional tools though. New technology can often turn off
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