The Effects Of Digital Media On Society 's Media

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It is undeniable that the society is experiencing a mediated culture, where mass media have direct effects on our society. Newspapers, magazines, radios, and televisions constantly give out messages to promote products, attitudes, and ideas in an attempt to influence audiences. The effect is further enhanced when digital media, particularly the Internet, enters the competition for the limited supply of audience attention. The saturated mass media industry no longer has the benefit of reach it used to have, especially with millennials, in this attention economy filled with fragmented audiences (Webster & Ksiazek 2012). More businesses and marketers have turned their efforts to digital media to influence consumers (Mulhern 2009). Therefore…show more content…
However, digitization of information allows consumers to have the freedom to access news, books, music, and movies from a huge database anywhere and anytime (Mulhern 2009). Free and paid online video streaming services like YouTube and NetFlix is able to provide the freedom that traditional television cannot. The result is an increasing rate of cord cutting, where viewers drop their cable services (Coffee 2015). Traditional media communication has been blasting messages at large audiences behind the screen, especially in advertising, instead of trying to establish a connection. This causes annoyance amongst the audience who wants individual conversations, as they are increasingly individualized by digital media (Solis & Breakenridge 2009). The audience who have been on the receiving end of one way communication of mass media can now communicate bidirectionally on the internet and social media or even become content producers and transmitters. This decreases the influence of mass media as audiences are increasingly used to the freedom of choosing what and how to view their media and also the ability to express their opinions and make their presence felt. More and more people have switched from paid mass media as to digital media for information or entertainment as it is instant, convenient, accessible and mostly free or at low cost. Newspaper and magazine publishings are under time constraints, which
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