The Effects Of Digital Media On Young

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What defines someone as 'dumb? ' How can someone define someone as either stupid or illiterate? Our generation has the ability to access knowledge and the ability to part-take in educational seminars and activities. How can one become stupid if it is the normal lifestyle of either a teenager or 30 year old to constantly learn and practice? Other say the drive of knowledge is lost from the youth, even though the access of learning is possible most of them do not wish to learn anything. The generation of youth can learn and continues to learn everyday, not in need of passion to learn general knowledge. The focus on how the youth’s knowledge does not meet the level needed to succeed is distorted. Many others, such as Mark Bauerlein, blame several of today’s advances and disadvantages on the intelligence of the younger generation. Mark Bauerlein an English professor and researcher at Emory University who created a book about the effects of digital media on young(“The Dumbest Generation”). Others blame the increase of technology for the intellectual shortcomings. However, according to Sharon Begley and her article, "The Dumbest Generation? Don’t be Dumb", she states that there is no empirical evidence immersing in sending messages, watching television, playing video games and all things online are related impairs the thinking ability(“The Dumbest Generation? Don’t..”). Online research is easier now because of the most well-known search engine called Google. People like Nicholas
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