The Effects Of Discrimination On Students Learning

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I have always embraced diversity; I feel it keeps things interesting and fun. I enjoy learning about other cultures and look forwarded to dealing with diversity in the classroom. I feel the skills I gained working as a manager and what I have learned in this class have prepared me for teaching in a diverse classroom. I believe it is important that teachers understand the students social ecology and how it influences many different aspects of their learning, including students ability to learn, the teachers expectations and how it affect students ability to learn, the effects of discrimination on students learning. In today’s society teachers encounter a great cultural diversity in their classrooms and their job is to incorporate these cultures into the learning process and provide caring, fair, and equitable education. Students’ Social Ecology Theory Every child is unique and different. They have physical, emotional, and cultural differences due to the environment of their ecological system and their experiences with their socializing agents. According to Urie Bronfenbrenner the student’s ecological system consists of four basic structures that work together to influence children 's development. The first one is the Microsystem, which consists of family, peers, school and community which are known as social agents. The second one is the Mesosystem, which are two or more microsystems (social agents) coming together like parents and teachers. The third is the exosystem,
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