The Effects Of Disney On Child Development

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The Effects of Disney on Child Development According to an analysis of Disney’s corporate strategy by Carlos Carillo from the Robins School of Business, the first films of the Disney Brothers studio were created in October 1923. Disney now controls approximately one sixth of America’s media as stated by a Ted Talk by media studies scholar Christopher Bell. As a result, almost every child is exposed to Disney, and values portrayed in the films will affect their development. Disney’s objectives are to be “one of the world leading producers and providers of entertainment and information...The company's primary financial goals are to maximize earnings and cash flow...” Disney is particularly targeted towards “...girls with the ultimate goal of…show more content…
Other women are often portrayed as roadblocks in the way of happy endings. For example, the only young women that Cinderella regularly interacts with are her step sisters. They compete for her prince and are selfishly unloyal even to each other. This theme has been adopted from Disney movies by young girls, as illustrated in Peggy Orenstein’s New York Times best selling book Cinderella Ate My Daughter. She describes an emotional interaction between her daughter Daisy and her best friend while playing pretend. The friend, devastated because there could only be one Cinderella, cried Daisy had claimed that role. Orenstein realizes “there is only one...girl who gets to be exalted. not have girlfriends.” The media that Daisy watched directly impacted her friendship. The significance of this issue is depicted in a study by William M. Bukowski at Concordia University from the Center of Research and Human Development. He found one friendship formed decreases depression and mental health issues significantly. Due to the deep penetration of Disney’s ideals in school age children, young girls may view each other as competition, diminishing the number of meaningful friendships and consequently, their mental
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