The Effects Of Displacement On The Health Of These Displaced Persons And Families

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Could you explain the effects of conflict and displacement on the health of these displaced persons and families? Can you suggest policies to reduce this burden? Please consider the roles that physicians can play. I am personally interested by the effects of displacement on reproductive health. According to the WHO, reproductive health means that “people are able to have satisfying and safe sex life and that they have the capability to reproduce and the freedom to decide if, when and how often to do so”. With this simple definition of reproductive health, the WHO outlines some major areas of reproductive health: motherhood, family planning, sexually transmitted infections, and gender-based violence. This essay will reflect on the effects of displacement on obstetrical care, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and violence toward women. In Canada, obstetrical care begins pre-conception, when every woman is counseled to take folic acid for three months prior to conception. For most women living in refugee camps, however, the provision of antenatal and perinatal care is severely limited due to the disruption of health care infrastructure and the reduction in trained health care workers. This has led to many adverse maternal and fetal outcomes seen in the camps. Data from studies conducted during periods of conflict in Tanzania, Afghanistan, Sarajevo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo suggest that women in conflict settings are more likely to die during pregnancy due
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