The Effects Of Divorce On A Child

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Abstract This paper tackles the various effects of divorce on a child not just on a short term basis but as well as the long term ones such as depression, anxiety, drug addiction, and alcoholism. Effects Divorce Has On a Child The rate of divorce in the United States of America has steadied with each passing year. As a matter of fact, although it is believed that 50 percent of couples who decided to get married will end up in divorce the rate of divorce has not increased in the last years. However, the rate of couples who are ending up divorcing is not the main problem or the top priority of the society (Cummings & Davies, 1994). Rather, the focus is being vetted into the effects of divorce in its entirety to a child. Various researches have been conducted and all these studies have revealed that the best interest of a child is not served in a marriage that is surrounded by conflicts between the parents. In squabble-ridden marriages, the parents’ and the children’s best interest will be better served in a granted divorce proceeding than live in a home filled with anger, abuse and conflicts. But it is a known fact than there will always be casualties in a divorce proceeding which are no other than the children. Hence, divorce is far more complicated than the separation of the parents. It transcends into affecting the children not just emotionally but as well as how they interact with other people. In this regard, it is important to
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