The Effects Of Divorce On A Child 's Life

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The sound of yelling and the inevitability of tension surrounded me as I lay on my bed trying to avoid listening to my parents’ pointless arguments- this must have been why they got divorced years ago. My mom and dad had fought about everything for as long as I could remember, and it seemed like their love had never even existed. My whole life, all I’ve known about love and life has come from my parents, and the negativity of it all will impact me forever. Across the United States, almost half of married couples today get a divorce, which means I’m not even close to the only child who has experienced the negative effects of divorce in my daily life. It changes everything about the way a child lives and grows and forces them to find the true meaning of love on their own. Parents are supposed to model adulthood for their children, but when this is tainted by divorce, there is a deleterious effect on a child’s future in regards to relationships, family, and other imperative factors in life. Although many believe a divorce only affects people when they’re children, it continues to influence their lives as they continue to age, too. When a child 's parents get a divorce, its detrimental effects hold a lasting impression on a child 's behavior, education, and emotional stability. After a divorce, a child’s parents can often begin to care for themselves and focus on their personal needs, which often leaves children caring for themselves. Many kids believe that “the day my parents…
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