The Effects Of Divorce On Child Development

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The Effects of Divorce on Child Development I met the love of my life in my financial accounting class. He was charming, and intelligent, and he carried himself well. Early into our relationship I realized underneath this assuring exterior, was a broken, unstable man. He had issues with trust, and he always took many health risks. He explained to me how hard it was for him to attach himself to people because he figured they would leave anyways. "Nothing is forever." he seemed to believe. On top of all these negative behaviors he was a closeted alcoholic, and was in denial of the psychological issues he had developed. All of this is classic behavior from a child who grew up in a divorced home. He did not get the reassurance and healing he needed during his child development, and it has become evident in his adult life. The separation of his parents caused an unstable childhood, and a detachment to his father. It took a while for him to realize that his trauma was caused by his negative childhood experiences. Understanding the cause and effects of his deeply rooted behavior helped us get through many problems. The proportion of single-parent families has increased world wide in the last few decades, mostly due to high divorce rates. (H. Junkkari. M.D.) Divorce has become a common solution among many families all over the nation. Studies have been conducted and these studies show the negative effects divorce has on the children involved. Perhaps a different solution is
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